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Experience And Wisdom For Your Estate Planning And Elder Law Needs

It is a misconception to think that only those with extraordinary wealth require an “estate plan” or would benefit from a trust. Believe it or not, most everyone has an estate. Your estate consists of items like your home or other real estate, cars, financial accounts, investments, personal items, and life insurance — just to name a few. No matter how large, most of us have an estate with value, and we know that we cannot take it with us when we go.

At Hill & Watchko, LLC, one of the very few Georgia firms with a nationally certified elder law attorney, long term care planning is a strong area of focus, complementing a full array of estate planning services. Our decades of combined experience allow us to spot potential issues in all related matters, including creating a thorough estate plan that guarantees your loved ones know, understand, and follow your wishes. Speak with our attorneys about your needs.

Our Estate Planning Services

To ensure your desires are followed, you should provide instructions stating whom you want to receive your assets, what portion you want them to receive, and when they are to receive it (immediately or over time in trust).

Most people want these instructions to be carried out in a cost efficient, tax efficient, and time efficient manner. That is estate planning: making a plan and naming whom you want to manage your estate and whom you want to receive your assets after you pass.

Some of our trust and estate planning services include:

Plan For Your Future And Legacy Today

Most people want and expect control over their assets during their lifetime, and they also want some say in how their assets are handled when they are no longer here. To achieve that goal, having certain documents in place is of critical importance. Failure to plan will leave major decisions to chance and the strictures of state law; in our experience, neither option is what most people desire. Take initiative and call our office at 770-450-4480.