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Mission Statement

Our primary goal at Georgia Legacy Law Group, LLC is to be the best in our field, as it relates to the level of service we provide, the quality of the work we produce, and the value we deliver to our clients.

We believe that estate planning, elder law, special needs planning, trust and estate administration, business planning, and related services are more than just the production of documents. We are not LegalZoom™. Rather, we see ourselves as counselors and advisors who help you develop the best plan for your loved ones. We see planning as an act of love and responsibility taken by those who care deeply about their families, friends, and organizations and who desire to leave a lasting legacy.  Our clients put their trust in us with this life altering planning, and we take that trust seriously.

Our mission is to help our clients plan for and protect the significant things in their lives: the people and organizations they love and the assets they have worked diligently to acquire, and to do so through our four fundamental values: compassionate, client-first service; an easy and efficient client experience; the highest quality of work product; and creative, comprehensive, and individualized advice.

Our Core Values

Service, Efficiency, Excellence, and Individualized Care

Compassionate, Client-First Service

We believe in treating others as we wish to be treated: with empathy, compassion, and respect. This guides the relationships we develop with potential clients, active clients, former clients, referral sources, and other business partners.  It is of utmost importance that we remember the Golden Rule and let it guide us as we help families navigate life and estate planning.

An Easy and Efficient Client Experience

While our work demands that we counsel clients and families through difficult decisions and transitions that are beyond our control, we can control the experience they have working with our firm. From the first call to the end of our attorney-client relationship, and beyond, we are actively improving our process to make the client experience as economical, educational, and convenient for our clients as possible.

The Highest Quality Work Product

All members of our team — attorneys, paralegals, receptionist, and legal assistants — approach our work with pride and integrity.  Our team is ever committed to providing the highest quality legal services in every case, big or small.  We employ modern technology and spend countless hours continuing our education to ensure that we provide consistent quality.  Although combined we have over one hundred years’ experience among our attorneys, we are unsatisfied with complacency and are committed to staying current on changes in the law and practice norms, including new and innovative techniques.

Creative, Comprehensive, and Individualized Advice

No two families are exactly the same, and no individual or family’s situation is identical to any other. We approach each case with this in mind, and spend extra time and energy familiarizing ourselves with a client’s unique situation. Often a client’s desire for simplicity in planning can produce unintended, detrimental results. Our role is as advisor and educator, as it as important to establish a good plan as it is for our client to understand and appreciate what they have done. We also understand our own limits and are committed to a team approach to wise planning, establishing strong relationships with other professionals, such as financial advisors, tax experts, long-term care specialists, mediators, and care managers.


Our mission and our values allow us to continue working towards our ultimate goal: to establish protection in prosperous times, security where there is uncertainty, a roadmap for unchartered courses, and comfort in times of loss. We are immensely grateful for the opportunity to help our many clients achieve these goals.