Caring For You In The Long Term

Who Do You Trust With Your Care?

Aging takes its toll, and, in some cases, you may find yourself unable to manage your finances or legal needs independently. In other cases, you may want to empower your loved one to make decisions on your behalf as a precautionary measure. In either situation, you will benefit from experienced legal advice and guidance.

The experienced attorneys at Hill & Watchko, LLC have spent many years advising Atlanta metro area residents on their major legal decisions about aging, long-term care, and the law. We utilize our combined decades of legal practice on your behalf to ensure you make the wisest possible decisions for your future. Email our office about your first appointment.

What Is A Power Of Attorney?

When you name an individual as your agent under power of attorney, you give them the legal ability to make financial and legal decisions on your behalf. The goal of a power of attorney is to control who will make decisions for you if you become seriously injured, ill, or otherwise incapable of making decisions. An agent named under power of attorney will be empowered to manage matters such as paying bills, filing taxes, hiring professionals such as CPAs and attorneys, bringing and defending lawsuits if necessary, entering contracts on your behalf, and many other crucial issues that would need to be covered if you ever reached a point where you could not handle these affairs yourself.  In the absence of naming an agent under power of attorney, your family or other interested persons may be left with no option but to seek the appointment of a financial guardian — known as a conservator under Georgia law.  Appointing a conservator can be expensive and time consuming.

For many, a key factor in determining who should be responsible for these decisions is trust. Many individuals choose to appoint a trusted family member, like a spouse or child, when drawing up power of attorney paperwork.

For Decisions This Important, Work With Hill & Watchko, LLC

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