Caring For You In The Long Term

Start Your Business Focused On The Future

The first hurdle for new business owners is determining which type of legal entity to use. The choices you make for your business now will be critical for your future success. We highly suggest speaking with an experienced attorney who can provide context and tools for your business planning needs. The choices you make for business formation will continue to impact your business for the rest of its life.

Hill & Watchko, LLC combines decades of legal experience in business and in estate planning and wealth protection. Our firm offers a unique and highly nuanced perspective on business formation and the legal ramifications associated with it. For legal advice you can depend upon, contact our firm today.

Business Formation Guidance

Business formation is more than a moment in your business’s life. Instead, it is a series of steps, each of which has significant and substantial impacts on your business’s obligations, applicable regulations, and tax burdens. In this moment, details matter. Our firm attends to your business needs with an eye for the future. Some of our entity planning services include:

  • Preparing and filing of articles of incorporation or organization
  • Corporate bylaws
  • Limited liability company operating agreements
  • Shareholder, partnership, and buy-sell agreements
  • Corporate minutes and resolutions
  • Preparing necessary filings with the secretary of state
  • Business dissolution

Business entities can also be useful in the estate planning context, providing limitations on liability, or tax savings. Business owners must also consider their exit strategy and make sure the proper documents are in place.

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Before you commit to a set of documents or business foundation, make sure you understand the full range of your options.