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Is Guardianship Or Conservatorship The Right Choice For You?

There are many circumstances under which an individual may consider guardianships and conservatorships. If you are responsible for the care of a child or a disabled or elderly adult, guardianships and conservatorships may be necessary to grant you the power to make critical decisions about medical or financial care.

The lawyers at Georgia Legacy Law Group, LLC will review your case and provide you with the information you need to make informed and wise decisions. Find out more about how guardianship and conservatorship arrangements can protect you and your loved one.

Provide For Your Loved One’s Ongoing Care

Our firm offers a wide range of legal care, including:

  • Preparation of petition for guardianship or conservatorship and representation through the probate court hearing process
  • Preparation and filing of asset management plans and direction and oversight in preparation of annual returns and other reports, including assistance in locating professional assistance with review and preparation of financial reports to the probate court
  • Preparation of petition to compromise doubtful claims and representation through the hearing process
  • Assistance with status hearings, petitions to sell assets, petitions to engage in estate planning for the ward, and other administrative assistance
  • Coordination of conservatorship plan with any existing special needs plan

Caring for the physical and financial needs of a minor child or incapacitated adult can be daunting. We assist clients by guiding them through the court-supervised guardianship and conservatorship process when the necessary estate planning documents are either insufficient or nonexistent.

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