Caring For You In The Long Term

Securing Your Future Through Long-Term Care Planning

Many seniors and their families worry about how to pay for long-term care should the need arise. Long-term care may include in-home care provided by paid caregivers, assisted living care in an assisted living facility, or nursing care in a skilled nursing facility (what many think of as a “nursing home”). These services are expensive and put many seniors in a vulnerable position where they can quickly become subject to abuse or manipulation. Appropriate long-term care planning keeps you and your loved ones safe and cared for.

At Hill & Watchko, LLC, our attorneys focus on estate planning and long-term care planning. As one of just a few Georgia firms with a nationally certified elder law attorney, we are prepared to assist you as you evaluate your needs and plan for long-term care. Considerate care and attention to detail. Call us at 770-450-4480.

Is Your Long-Term Care Plan Comprehensive?

Creating a fully considered and comprehensive care plan is vital for your future, and the sooner you create a plan, the better. Our attorneys want you and your loved ones to be fully prepared for the future. Our well-rounded and thoughtful approach to aging is an asset for your use.

Some of our long-term care planning services include:

  • Comprehensive consultations and recommendations related to eligibility for government benefits for long-term care (specifically, Veterans Affairs pension or Medicaid benefits)
  • Asset protection trust planning
  • Preparation and submission of applications for Department of Veterans Affairs pension benefits
  • Preparation and submission of applications for Medicaid for nursing home care
  • Assistance with sophisticated Medicaid or VA planning strategies

Plan for your future today, while you have the time to create a plan for your care with intent and assurance.

Contacting Hill & Watchko, LLC

Our lawyers are available to assist and advise you. Reach our office by phone at 770-450-4480 or electronically.