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Red flags to watch out for when choosing an executor

On Behalf of | Jul 17, 2023 | Estate Planning

Executors perform a vital role. They help honor your wishes and ensure that your heirs receive the properties you leave behind after your death. Because of these, it is crucial that you carefully choose whom you appoint as your executor. When selecting one, it helps to watch out for the following red flags.

No time

An executor’s role is difficult and time-consuming. They usually have to oversee your funeral, close accounts, sell specific properties and initiate the probate process on top of distributing your assets. Overall, they might need months to complete these tasks. For this reason, it is usually wise to appoint someone who can spare plenty of time and effort for the role.

Bad blood

Conflicts over your assets might arise among your family members after your death. These disagreements can lead to lawsuits and other problems. The executor you choose should have a civil relationship with your loved ones. Appointing one with a strained relationship with your family may worsen these conflicts.


You should be able to trust your executor to make decisions that align with your morals, beliefs and goals on your behalf. If they disagree with you at every turn, there is a significant risk they might fail to follow the instructions in your will.


Your executor should be someone you can trust to perform their task well in your absence. They are likely not the best for the job if they have a history of deception and untrustworthy behavior. You might even lose valuable assets without the knowledge of the court or your loved ones.

Appointing a good executor is essential to creating a solid estate plan. An estate planning attorney can provide objective advice on the best candidates for your executor and help navigate the complex probate process.