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The right estate executor protects your wishes and your family

On Behalf of | Jul 9, 2021 | Estate Planning

If you have already taken steps to complete your estate plan, we offer our congratulations. Many people in Alpharetta, Georgia, put off this critical task for far too long. Getting started early allows you to feel secure in your choices. Now, you need only review your plan from time to time to ensures it continues to meet your needs.

You probably put much thought into what documents your plan includes to preserve your wishes and protect your heirs. One area many overlook in their estate planning efforts is choosing an executor. Some people pick a spouse or an adult child to fill this role, but we believe this choice requires careful consideration.

What characteristics make a good executor?

It may make sense to choose a close family member as your estate executor because they know you and likely know your wishes, too. However, there is more to settling an estate than knowledge of the deceased. Individuals who possess the following qualities make dependable executors.

  • Executors attend to many financial matters, making honesty one of the most vital attributes to possess.
  • Those with superior organizational skills also make excellent estate executors.
  • Executors must communicate with your family members regarding details of your estate, so look for a person with good communication skills.

It is also wise to choose an executor who lives nearby and is healthy enough to carry out the necessary duties. For even better results, make sure your choice understands the role of estate executor and is enthusiastic about this honor.