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3 tips for planning for your child’s special needs

On Behalf of | Dec 24, 2020 | Estate Planning

Most parents don’t realize that they’re going to have a child with special needs. If they do, that just means that they have to take extra precautions. This is particularly true in the case of estate planning.

With estate planning, it is essential to understand which resources you can use to protect your child now and in the future. The following are three tips to help you get started.

Plan for your child’s future medical expenses, housing needs and education

To start with, you may want to address your child’s medical care, living arrangement and education in your estate plan. If you suddenly pass away or cannot take care of your child for any reason, you want that information to be made easily available to those who will care for them.

Set up beneficiary designations

To make sure your child can get the federal aid and support that they need, you’ll need to be cautious about any inheritances or payouts that go to them. If you or anyone else designate your child as a beneficiary, you may want to work with an attorney to make sure those inheritances don’t hurt your child’s benefits.

Get in touch with local organizations

Finally, remember that you can get in touch with local nonprofits and get additional support. You may want to ask about programs that would care for your child if you passed or couldn’t care for them, so you have a plan in place if that day ever comes.

If you’re planning for your child’s future, these three tips can help. With the right precautions taken, you can feel more relaxed about your child’s care, even if you can’t be there.