Caring For You In The Long Term

Business Owners Should Be Able To Retire With Confidence

After years of investment into your business, both financial and mental, you deserve a chance to retire in peace and enjoy the fruits of your years of hard work. How you manage this transition can create chaos or lead to continued success. Our firm works with Georgia businesses to create smooth transitions during business succession planning.

At Hill & Watchko, LLC, our attorneys work collaboratively to find business solutions that serve your needs. We can work with you to achieve your best interests. As experienced estate planning and business law attorneys, we are in a unique position to consider your long-term business needs. Email our office today for an initial consultation.

Your Business Succession Plan Should Consider Many Factors

Business succession can be an overwhelming thought. The goal is often to substantially or wholly reduce your involvement in a business while leaving it intact and ready for success. You need to ask yourself many questions, including:

  • Is there a current employee or person who is set up to succeed you? Alternatively, do you wish to sell your business?
  • What is your business’s value, including total assets and liabilities?
  • Are you planning on leaving the business immediately or over the course of a few years?
  • Does your leaving require an adjustment to your business’s legal standing or other structures?

Our lawyers help you manage these questions and more. Establish a reliable business succession plan at our office.

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