Caring For You In The Long Term

Year: 2020

Signs of undue influence over a will

Most wills go through probate without any major hitches -- and challenging a will isn’t exactly easy. So why does a will ever get challenged? Usually, there’s far more to the situation than an unhappy heir or two. One of the most common reasons for challenging a will...

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Why special needs trusts are important

While estate planning is beneficial for almost everyone, it is even more imperative if you have a child with special needs. Because most children with special needs receive benefits from the government, it is important to protect them from losing those benefits. We...

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Common mistakes in estate planning

The death of a loved one is always a trying time for the family. One of the greatest challenges is trying to figure out what to do with the deceased’s property. For many, a will has already been laid out by the testator. Since this is a tricky area of the law, it is...

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What wills are valid in Georgia?

Georgia has its own laws for determining what wills are valid. After all, not every state allows for certain wills. In fact, there are variations on will types within each state, too.  Knowing what wills are valid in Georgia is important. This way, you know how to...

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What is a simple will?

Most people are aware that estate planning is an integral part of taking care of assets, but many are hesitant because of the seemingly-complex process. However, it is possible to create a will and have it be simple.  This type of will can include things like naming a...

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