Trust and Estate Planning

It is a misconception to think that only those with extraordinary wealth require an “estate plan”, or would benefit from a trust. On the contrary, having certain documents in place is important to everyone. Failure to plan will leave major decisions to chance and the strictures of state law; neither option is what most people desire.

Some of our Trust and Estate Planning Services include:

▪ Last Wills and Testaments
▪ Durable Powers of Attorney
▪ Georgia Advance Directives for Healthcare
▪ Trust Planning, including Testamentary Trusts; Revocable Living Trusts; Special Needs Trusts; and Life Insurance Trusts
▪ Charitable Planning
▪ Business Succession Planning
▪ Intergenerational Planning
▪ Family Limited Partnerships
▪ Transfer and Income Tax Minimization Strategies, Including Use of Sophisticated Trust Planning