Estate and Trust Administration / Probate

Estate and Trust “Administration” (oftentimes referred to as the “probate process”) involves the execution of an individual’s Last Will and/or Trust. Often, families feel overwhelmed with the tasks that must be faced after the loss of a loved one. Time and again, we have counted it a privilege to be called upon to assist families in our community during this difficult time. We are committed to assisting our clients through every phase of the process with dignity, respect, and professionalism.

Some of our Estate and Trust Administration services include:

▪ Preparing and Filing Petitions in the Probate Court (e.g. Petition to Probate Will, Petition for Letters of Administration, Petition for Year Support)
▪ Preparing and Filing Notice to Debtors and Creditors
▪ Coordination with CPAs Regarding Tax Issues
▪ Consultation and Recommendations regarding Executor/Administrator’s Duties and Obligations
▪ Dealing with Problematic Heirs/Beneficiaries
▪ Preparing and Filing Inventories and Annual Returns, if necessary
▪ Qualified Disclaimer Planning
▪ Assistance with Estate Distributions
▪ Preparing and Filing Discharge Petitions